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Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology

I’ve worked with many of the graduates we have hired - and we have some OSU Institute of Technology graduate employees going back as far as 20 years - their students are the cream of the crop!

OSU Institute of Technology’s Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program is the only program in Oklahoma to offer an ACR degree. Six hands-on classrooms/labs ensure you learn everything you need for success:


National average salary is $35,000 to $45,000. Most OSU Institute of Technology graduates start out at a very competitive salary. Employers also provide insurance and benefits and bonuses.


Develop the mechanical and electrical skills used to install, repair, and troubleshoot air conditioning systems and their components.  Learn to use electrical meters, refrigerant recovery units, oxygen/acetylene equipment, manometers, air flow meters, temperature recorders, and psychormetric charts.


Work with service contractors, industrial plants, retirement centers, hospitals, motels, telephone companies, or become self-employed. “With an ACR Technology Degree, you won’t just fix air conditioners - unless you want to,” says faculty Roger Shepherd. “You might work for a small company with one or two technicians or a Fortune 500 firm. They all want our graduates.”


The career option you choose could lead you to working on ice-making machines down the street or an oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. If you take advantage of continuing education opportunities provided by your employer, the salary just goes up from there.