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Enterprise Development

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology is participating in the Reach Higher initiative, Oklahoma’s degree completion program, by offering an Associate in Science degree in Enterprise Development featuring:


The Enterprise Development Degree builds on the core competencies that an adult student has already acquired to produce a well-educated and well-rounded citizen ready for the workplace. This program has a wide range of offerings that will enrich the student and contribute to the educational level of Oklahoma. Two program options are available in the Enterprise Development degree – Business Administration or General Studies.


Oklahoma will be looking to fill vacancies created by baby boomers who will be retiring between 2009 and 2016. These vacancies are predicted to be filled by college graduates with a starting annual income in excess of $25,000.


Complete the degree that you started. Graduates who earn an Associate in Science degree in Enterprise Development from OSU Institute of Technology will have the foundation of courses they need to seamlessly transfer and complete a Bachelor’s degree at any Oklahoma regional university. In addition, an Associate in Science degree from OSU Institute of Technology will transfer to any institution and allow a student the opportunity to continue their education in whatever field they choose.


Take advantage of advancing in your career by completing your degree. According to the Census Bureau, an adult with an associate degree will earn about $500,000 more over their lifetime than someone with just a high school education.