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Assessment Center

OSU Institute of Technology's Assessment Center offers Career and Academic Profiling to help make an informed career choice and set appropriate educational goals.

The Assessment Center uses the most advanced technology available to provide your profiling needs. A networked system, designed specifically for the Assessment Center, is used to streamline and simplify the experience. The result is an efficient and accurate profile.

All profiling services are personalized and confidential. You will be guided through the profiling experience by professionals in a friendly, helpful environment.

Career Profiling

Making the right career choice can be difficult. OSU Institute of Technology's Assessment Center has the tools to assist you in making the right career choice. The Career Profile will assess your abilities, interests, and personality type to link you with appropriate career options.

Information about these careers such as the growth rate, salary, and training required, where to go to school and many other important characteristics can be discovered. A professional will guide you through the process and help you tap into the resources that are critical in helping you select an appropriate career.

The Career Profile helps take the guesswork out of one of the most important decisions that you will make. It greatly improves your chances of educational success and the potential for a career that is rewarding.

Academic Profiling

Academic Profiling evaluates your skills in mathematics, English and reading comprehension. This service helps determine appropriate skill levels for entry into higher education's basic academic subjects.

Advanced Standing Credit is available to eligible OSU Institute of Technology students. Credit can be earned for what is already known by achieving the required scores on any one or more of 34 CLEP examinations in the disciplines of Business, Composition and Literature, Foreign Languages, History and Social Sciences and Science and Mathematics.

Personnel Profiling

The OSU Institute of Technology Assessment Center offers Personnel Profiling services to business and industry. Profiling is customized for each employer's needs, providing both initial screening for all applicants and in-depth profiling for finalists. Also, profiling for successful out-placement is available.

OSU Institute of Technology's Assessment Center services provide consistent, objective data to assist employers in making informed personnel selection and promotion decisions.

Practice COMPASS Test

Below are links to the OSU Institute of Technology COMPASS practice tests in .pdf format, and links to other resources that will help students prepare for the COMPASS test.

The practice tests consist of a series of multiple-choice questions similar to those on the COMPASS test. The Sentence Skills, Reading, and Elementary Algebra tests are "diagnostic", meaning they will identify areas students may need additional skill building.

Links and more information

For more information contact the Institutional Assessment and Research Office at OSU Institute of Technology at 1-918-293-5248. Or send email to: Assessment Services.