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High Voltage

We look to OSU Institute of Technology for new linemen. We have hired 20 to 25 employees from the program and we’ll hire more.

You can live a great life - work an exciting job, make super money, and enjoy a lifelong career - with an Associate in Applied Science degree, specializing in High Voltage Lineman. Students in this program experience:


The two-year program features an outdoor lab with hands-on instruction with the latest equipment used in the industry. Gain valuable experience in the field through company-sponsored internships. You will learn everything from basic pole climbing and electrical and transformer theory to substation operations.


Many recent graduates report earning very competitive salaries, including overtime pay. Power companies and utility construction companies expect 220,000 vacancies in the next five years – this critical need has companies standing in line for our graduates. “Most of our students pay for their schooling with the five paid internships,” says faculty Gene Nunn, who maintains strong relationships with power companies. Average intern pay is $14.00 per hour.


Restore service to neighborhoods and entire cities in addition to performing maintenance, construction, and switching operations on transmission and distribution systems. It’s a career that not everyone can do, and with hard work and motivation, linemen can become foremen, job superintendents, labor leaders, power line estimators, and contractors.


There is considerable potential to advance into supervision and management in almost every company. Benefits can include medical/dental insurance, pension plans, group life insurance, 401K programs, and bonuses.