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CAT Dealer Prep

Dealers recognize the quality of OSU Institute of Technology CAT® Dealer Prep graduates. The individuals coming out of the program are three years ahead of people coming out of a traditional Vo-Tech program.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology has one of the premier CAT® Dealer Prep programs in the country featuring:


Your Caterpillar career begins when a dealer selects you for the program. Spend half a semester on campus and half at your sponsoring dealership on a paid internship. Caterpillar supplies current products so you learn the latest diagnostic and service procedures. Students are trained to do it right the first time, so they are immediately productive on the job.


The starting pay for a Caterpillar technician is excellent. Depending on the region, and the overtime available, graduates earn highly competitive salaries.


Work on the most advanced and powerful machines on earth, built by the world’s leading manufacturer of construction equipment, Caterpillar. You will be part of the team that helps get important work done – like road construction, building projects, and other jobs that shape the world we live in.


Caterpillar dealers have a critical need for highly qualified, motivated and skilled employees. As a high performance technician, you will ft right into the Caterpillar dealership environment. Nearly 100 percent of our graduates are placed in positions with their sponsoring dealership.

AED Accredited post-secondary colleges have met the rigorous requirements of AED’s national standards for equipment technology programs. These Standards for Construction Equipment Technology have been developed and are updated by The AED Foundation’s Technical Training Committee with broad representation from industry distributors, technical schools, and manufacturers. The standards have truly been developed “by industry, for the industry” to meet specific industry needs.