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Nanoscientific Instrumentation

This science modifies the atomic structure of existing material to make new material which is typically harder, lighter, and stronger than the original.

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology boasts one of the industry’s leading nanotechnology engineering programs featuring:


Develop a wide variety of skills necessary for success in the workforce including the basics of nanotechnology, characterization of nanostructures, nanoscale devices and systems, nanomaterials, and nanofabrication.


Graduates from this pioneer program are projected to earn highly competitive annual salaries, and because our graduates are joining an industry that is rapidly expanding, the long-term earning potential is excellent!


Graduates who receive the Associate in Applied Science degree from OSU Institute of Technology in Nanoscientific instrumentation will be prepared for a career in such wide-ranging fields as aerospace, explosive detection and protection, manufacturing, biosystems, instrumentation, energy conservation, and agriculture.


New graduates entering the nanotechnology industry will be on the front end of an expanding field with cutting- edge technology. The opportunities for advancement are tremendous and will be based largely on continuing education and professional development.