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What is WorkKeys?

WorkKeys is a career readiness assessment tool developed by ACT which measures an individual’s ability to perform key, work-related skills.

Which skills does WorkKeys measure?

Several applied skill areas may be assessed. However, the OSU Institute of Technology Information Technologies program concentrates on the following three areas.

How has WorkKeys been implemented into OSU Institute of Technology’s Information Technologies programs?

All students completing the Associate in Applied Science in Information Technologies degree and/or the Bachelor of Technology degree in Information Assurance and Forensics are required to meet or exceed industry standards for locating information, reading for information and applied mathematics. Students normally complete WorkKeys during their fifth semester.

Where can students take the WorkKeys assessments?

OSU Institute of Technology’s Assessment Center is an approved WorkKeys Career Readiness Assessment site. However, there are numerous WorkKeys testing centers throughout Oklahoma. Information on other sites may be found on the Oklahoma Department of Commerce Career Readiness External Linkwebsite.

How does a student verify her or his performance on WorkKeys?

The state of Oklahoma issues a Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) for individuals who achieve minimum scores in each of the areas assessed.

Do Career Readiness Certificates come in different levels?

CRCs are organized into three levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Please visit the Oklahoma Department of Commerce Career Readiness External Linkwebsite for further information.

How do Career Readiness Certificates benefit students and graduates?

CRCs provide students and graduates with a portable, third-party credential that verifies they possess key workplace skills that are essential to high-performance, technical professionals.

How do Career Readiness Certificates benefit employers?

CRCs allow employers to more easily and accurately identify prospective employees who possess the critical workforce skills they seek.