OSU Institute of Technology

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Campus Health Services

The Campus Infirmary, located in the Student Union Building, is open Monday through Friday, when school is in session, from 11:30 a.m. until the attending physician has seen all individuals that are present. Persons eligible to use the Campus Infirmary are currently enrolled students carrying a minimum of 6 semester credit hours, their spouses, and minor dependant children. The attending physician provides medical advice and is able to prescribe medication to students, faculty, and staff of OSU Institute of Technology if needed. Although this service is free to students, faculty, and staff of OSU Institute of Technology, the payment of any additional costs such as prescription cost and/or lab work cost is the responsibility of the individual. Students who require hospitalization, X-rays, or lab work are referred to Okmulgee Memorial Hospital. It is advisable for a student to be covered by a health policy while in school.

You may contact the Campus Infirmary at +1 918 293 4946.