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Marketing Guidelines

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology has registered the names, logos, and trademarks of the university with the Patent and Trademark Office of the United States as well as the Oklahoma Secretary of State. Products bearing those marks and distributed for resale or used for other promotional purposes are subject to the licensing policies of the University.

The university’s rights to its marks are governed by federal, state, and common laws. These laws place an obligation on the university to avoid consumer confusion and require that the use of any marks be monitored to avoid losing exclusive control.

These guidelines provide information necessary to ensure the accurate, consistent, and effective presentation of OSUIT and its associated marks to internal and external audiences. The guidelines encompass OSUIT’s family of graphic elements, including the OSUIT logo, nomenclature, wordmarks, tagline, university seal, color palette, recommended typefaces, and the OSUIT website. High quality electronic files of the official logos can be downloaded on our logo download page.

These guidelines apply to all academic, student services, and administrative units, as well as all recognized student organizations. Any external agencies or publishers that create or print marketing materials for any OSUIT units are also required to abide by the guidelines and must be licensed vendors.

The OSU Office of Trademarks and Licensing has established license agreements with a number of suppliers who provide a variety of marketing-related products and services. A complete list of all current licensees is listed on OSU-Stillwater’s University Marketing website. Departments or student groups seeking a supplier should first notify the University Marketing department who will assist in determining if the required items may be obtained from one of the current licensees. Only officially licensed vendors will be allowed to produce merchandise bearing the OSUIT marks.

Departments ordering merchandise from outside vendors bearing a registered (or common law) trademark, trade name, service mark, or logo of OSUIT must first secure approval in writing from the University Marketing department.

Merchandise produced without written authorization from the University Marketing department may be considered “counterfeit” and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the merchandise, in accordance with the Trademark Anti-Counterfeiting Act, Title 21, Section 1990 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Once any print projects are approved through the University Marketing department, they must be routed through the Campus Copy Center, located in the Student Union.

If the Copy Center determines that they will need to outsource the project to an off-campus vendor, the Copy Center will submit the necessary information to the Purchasing Department for quotes or sealed competitive bids.

Since only licensed vendors may be used for off-campus print jobs that include the OSUIT name/logo, please allow adequate time to complete your print requests. It is important to remember that PCards should not be used to purchase print or marketing-related items from outside vendors. Those making unauthorized marketing-related purchases may lose PCard privileges.

Primary Logo and Marks

The university logos and marks are registered trademarks and should not be altered without prior approval. However, the logos and marks may be sized appropriately for the specific use, even so, care should be taken that the proportions are not altered. All logos and marks must be reproduced from official artwork available through the University Marketing logo website.

Departments may have a unit-specific logo or tagline if used in balance with the OSUIT logo or campus wordmarks. These elements must first be approved by the University Marketing department.

When the logo must be used

All communications materials published by OSUIT, whether for internal or external audiences, must prominently display the official OSUIT logo. This includes email signatures, stationery, brochures, invitations, direct mail, postcards, flyers, booklets, catalogs, posters, billboards, banners and other environmental graphics, advertising, websites, video, DVD, CD, PowerPoint presentations, and other that may not be specified here. Contact the University Marketing department for more information or if you have questions.

Approved Fonts

When referencing the university name under the logo, the OkStateU font must be used for the “Institute of Technology”. Other approved fonts are Helvetica Neue for wordmarks.

Use of the Nondiscrimination Policy and Printing Authorization and Cost on all Publications: State Law and University Policy

By state law, all university publications – when purchased from university budget accounts – must include a statement of printing authorization and costs and OSUIT’s nondiscrimination policy. Generally, university publications are those brochures, booklets, newsletters, posters, magazines, catalogs and pamphlets that bear the university name and are produced for audiences outside the university. They do not include business cards, announcements, letters, memoranda, invitations or other personally-signed communications. All university publications must contain the following:

Oklahoma State University, in compliance with Title VI and VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246 as amended, Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and other federal laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, disability, or status as a veteran in any of its policies, practices or procedures. This includes but is not limited to admissions, employment, financial aid, and educational services. Title IX of the Education Amendments and Oklahoma State University policy prohibit discrimination in the provision of services or benefits offered by the University based on gender. Any person (student, faculty or staff) who believes that discriminatory practices have been engaged in based upon gender may discuss their concerns and file informal or formal complaints of possible violations of Title IX with the OSU Title IX Coordinator, Dr. Carolyn Hernandez, Director of Affirmative Action, 408 Whitehurst, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK 74078, (405) 744-5371 or (405) 744-5576 (fax).

This publication, issued by Oklahoma State University as authorized by (originating authority), was printed by (printing vendor) at a cost of $ (cost of printing only). (Number printed) / (year and month printed).

Or when appropriate:

This publication, issued by Oklahoma State University as authorized by (originating authority), was printed at no cost to the taxpayers of Oklahoma.

Prohibited Use

The names and marks of Oklahoma State University will not be used in the promotion of alcohol, tobacco, illegal or “recreational” drug products, profanity, racist, sexist, hateful, demeaning language or sexual acts. Incorporation of trademarks or copyrights not owned by the University is not permitted, unless written permission for such use is obtained by the OSU-Stillwater Director of Trademarks and Licensing from the mark or copyright owner.

University marks may not be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the university, to promote commercial ventures, private promotions, or for organizations or programs not directly sponsored by the University.

Permission to use the University’s marks to be incorporated into private websites must be granted by the University Marketing department. No objectionable links will be allowed to be placed in the website that contains the university’s marks. A disclaimer must be inserted at the bottom of the opening page of any website containing the university’s marks that there is no official affiliation or endorsement granted by OSUIT.