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A New Path

Go behind the scenes of new OSUIT President Dr. Bill R. Path’s first 100 days on the job. Our film crew followed Dr. Path as he initially toured the programs and services of the campus. So with this video series, you can experience the same “full-access pass” to OSUIT that Dr. Path received. You can accompany him and learn all about OSUIT while he was learning about OSUIT.

The videos are fun, informative, and totally unscripted. Watch one of them or watch them all, and see for yourself why this video series won 1st Prize in the Video Feature category at the 2012 Awards Ceremony of the Oklahoma College Public Relations Association (OCPRA).

We think you’re going to like what you see!

At the conclusion of the 100-day tour of the OSUIT campus, Dr. Path reflects on what he’s discovered and how OSUIT can be the “path” to success for our students.

Dr. Path talks with Ina Agnew, Vice President of Student Services, about how prospective students get information about OSUIT’s degree programs, enroll and receive financial aid, and then as a student, get involved in activities at OSUIT.

Dr. Path talks with Tonya Stretch, Veterans and Scholarships Coordinator, and Crystal Bowles, Registrar, about the services available for veterans and how they can get enrolled at OSUIT.

Chad Spurlock, Director of the LASSO Center, tells Dr. Path about the free tutoring services and academic accommodations available for students in the new area located in the Noble Center.

Eric Brabec, instructor in Power Plant Technologies program, shows Dr. Path how students learn how to be an operator in a power plant and graduate with a degree that is in very high demand.

Dr. Bill Path visits OSUIT’s facility on the grounds of the MidAmerica Industrial Park in Pryor. Anita Gordy-Watkins, Vice President, Institutional Advancement tells Dr. Path how the relationship between OSUIT and MAIP began and how its grown.

The MidAmerica Industrial Park at Pryor is one of the largest in the country. To meet the needs of employers and employees of the many industries at MAIP, OSUIT has classroom and hands-on learning labs in a facility right in the industrial park. Dr. Path visits with Director Scott Fry to learn how OSUIT is helping both businesses and the community in the Pryor area.

Dr.Path takes a vivid tour inside the workings of American Castings – a major manufacturer in the Mid-America Industrial District near OSUIT’s Pryor campus.

Identity Crisis? Not quite. Dr. Path sits in on a Graphic Design brainstorming class where Graphic Design instructor Mary Trammel is facilitating a group discussion of a student’s identity project.

“America - the Breadbasket of the World” - But where do they train technicians to keep all those much-needed farm vehicles in working order? Right here in Okmulgee. Dr. Path learns how these valuable technicians are prepared for the workforce.

“Any Car, Any Time” - That’s the motto of the Pro-Tech program. Dr. Path visits with instructor Tim Dwyer to find out what that means.

Dr. Path discusses the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Technology program with department head Roger Shepherd.

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