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Coweta High School Wins Team Championship in OSU Institute of Technology’s Interscholastic Competition


More than 160 students from 13 schools participated in the OSU Institute of Technology Interscholastic Competition recently. The event was hosted by the college’s Student Affairs and Arts & Sciences Divisions, and consisted of competitions covering areas in high school curricular requirements such as math, science, history and grammar. The high schools participating were: Beggs, Bristow, Coweta, Drumright, Henryetta, Graham, Hanna, Morris, Mounds, Oktaha, Preston, Weleetka and Wilson.

Paula Blair, OSU Institute of Technology Academic Advisor and the coordinator of the competition, says OSU Institute of Technology sponsored the event to recognize outstanding junior and senior high school students in key competency areas and affirm their academic achievements. She also says it’s an opportunity for them to visit a college campus and see what the next step in their education could be. “Since many of these students live in the Okmulgee County area, when they are ready to attend college, OSU Institute of Technology is the perfect choice because they could commute from home and save room and board costs,” says Blair. “Many could also take college courses here while still in high school and get a head start on their college education.”

Coweta High School received the first place overall team championship plaque, Preston High School received second place and Henryetta High School placed third.

Each first place individual winner received a $500 tuition scholarship for OSU Institute of Technology. The individual winners are:

Accounting: First Place - Brian Parks, Coweta; Second Place - Michael Casselman, Preston; Third Place - Colin Henson, Morris.

Algebra I: First Place - Ashley Harper, Drumright; Second Place - William Berry, Beggs; Third Place - Lillian Vanhauen, Oktaha.

Algebra II: First Place - Connor Ledgerwood, Bristow; Second Place - Sydney Fuqua, Coweta; Third Place - Sarah Fletcher, Oktaha.

American Literature: First Place - Kristal Booker, Preston; Second Place - Dalton Chancey, Henryetta; Third Place - Sarah Hagan, Coweta.

Basic Grammar: First Place - Cody Martin, Bristow; Second Place - Dalton Chancey, Henryetta; Third Place - Sarah Hagan, Coweta.

Biology: First Place - Zachary Kelley, Coweta; Second Place - Robert Hamon, Preston; Third Place - Jeryl Pippin, Graham.

Chemistry: First Place - Richard Day, Weleetka; Second Place - Beaux Fulton, Coweta; Third Place - Kady Treagesser, Henryetta.

Comprehensive: First Place - Dalton Chancey, Henryetta; Second Place - Michael Casselman, Preston; Third Place - Zach Eldredge, Bristow.

Business Math: First Place - Ashley Harper, Drumright; Second Place - Brian Parks, Coweta; Third Place - Brooke Singer, Preston.

General Business: First Place - Dillon Taylor, Preston; Second Place - Amanda Shipley, Weleetka; Third Place - Dottie Summers, Hanna.

General Physical Science: First Place - Thomas Hurt, Preston; Second Place - Christian Boyd, Wilson; Third Place - Coy Hunnicut, Henryetta.

Information Technology and Applications: First Place - Corbit Witham, Henryetta; Second Place - Richard Day, Weleetka; Third Place - Connor Ledgerwood, Bristow.

Introduction to Nutrition: First Place - Phillip Frazier, Drumright; Second Place - Jon Gaskins, Bristow; Third Place - Ashley Herzberg, Beggs.

Oklahoma History: First Place - William Bright, Oktaha; Second Place - Austin Alcorn, Bristow; Third Place - Shantell Cox, Hanna.

Trigonometry: First Place - William Bright, Oktaha; Second Place - Rachel Byars, Beggs; Third Place - Nick Poverud, Coweta.

U.S. Government: First Place - Randall Young, Coweta; Second Place - William Bright, Oktaha; Third Place - Austin Alcorn, Bristow.

World Geography: First Place - Zach Peters, Oktaha; Second Place - Ethan Groff; Henryetta; Third Place - Grant Mitchell, Coweta.

World History: First Place - Michael Casselman, Preston; Second Place - Ethan Groff, Henryetta; Third Place - Zach Peters, Oktaha.